If you find yourself wondering

“why am I the only grownup in this room?” or “when do I get to work with real adults, instead of these smart, emotionally adolescent people?”…Yin is for you.

If you crave the (elusive) satisfaction

that comes from feeling like you’re living in balance with who you really are, living the life you crave….Yin is for you.

If you’ve done all the things . . .

organized your calendar

set your goals

taken the courses

worked endless work weeks

chased the bright shiny objects

brought back the golden fleece

and you’re still not satisfied, I wrote Yin for you.

What I’ve come to understand:

Yin – the part of life to which we pay no attention — is the power in the leadership journey, the source of our voice and our ability to act.

Yin is the source of the growth that makes maturity possible.

Yin, Completing the Leadership Journey, is a book, a guided reflective journey, and a workbook designed to help you reach that end. Want to know more? Read “What is Yin?”

Why I Wrote Yin

I wrote Yin, Completing the Leadership Journey because a teacher of mine told me many years ago that I had to write about leadership for women. Having, I thought, said all I had to say about leadership in Speak the Truth and Point to Hope, the Leader’s Journey to Maturity, my earlier book, I was taken aback. So much so that it was not until the convergences of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter protests and COVID-19 that I saw what had been both in front of me and missing all along: that we are out of balance, culturally, politically, environmentally and personally. And we are at a tipping point, a time when envisioning a different future is critical.

I’ve been blessed to work with young leaders in many domains — high tech, environmental organizations, government and industry. I’ve watched so many succeed at their goals, only to find that they aren’t really satisfied, and feel that they have to go further. Yet those goals are actually part of the problem. They don’t represent balance. They’re not our goals, they’re the goals we get given by a world that’s out of balance. If finding and being part of a healthier, more balanced world speaks to your soul, Yin is for you.

In order to find our own goals, we have to find our own voices. Yin is a book, a guided reflective journey, and a workbook that will help you uncover the power and the strength in your voice, your balance, your own story.