Lisa J. Marshall

About the Author

Lisa J. Marshall is a fierce elder and grandmother, who aspires to be a good ancestor.  She lives on the Yin side of First Mountain, in the ancient mountains that run along the eastern side of the U.S.  She has had a long, rewarding career as an executive coach, straddling the corporate world and spiritual life, working to help clients find their voices and their paths, and in doing so, become their most powerful and realized selves.  She understands the power of story, and that stories live in our bodies.  And she is deeply committed to the idea that our purpose in life is always, whatever path we take, to grow up, to mature, to become an elder.

Lisa writes books and poetry, and is fascinated by the idea of learning to listen to the natural world as well as she listens to her clients.  She finds moss voices especially compelling.

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