Praise for Yin

[Yin is] wonderfully composed and thought-provoking all the way. Really a grand vision with the potential to introduce a consciousness changing concept into the discourse. I know I’ll be carrying concepts and phrases forward in my work.

Dale Worsley, education consultant, playwright and author

What a beautiful book. …Lisa has clearly done her research and together with her personal knowledge, skills, and experience, Lisa has produced Yin: Completing the Leadership Journey. …  Filled with quotes and life lessons, the book provides the reader with an educational experience like no other and begs the question – what does the future hold? I especially enjoyed the thought-provoking questions that I never knew needed to be asked. The book is well-written, smooth flowing, and an absolute pleasure to read. I recommend Yin: Completing the Leadership Journey to people of all ages for their own personal development.

Natalie Soin, Reader's Favorite

When I read Yin, I come to a deep sense of calm commingled with an urgent desire to DO…to nurture, to grow, to lead from a place of peace, to drive goals from a nurturing sense of wholeness and wellness….  This is a call to action for us to focus both within ourselves and outward towards our community to fiercely protect, to heal as only we can ~ because we have been wounded, to boldly nurture and support, to teach – giving the gift of encouragement that we share from the space of knowledge.  We OWE these gifts of our work to society to support change and growth through the coming generations – our gift of guidance to live in balance. Yin is our Sovereign Legacy.

Elizabeth Paulson, Manager, Defense Contractor

I LOVE YIN! Thank-you so so so much.  It is super empowering…a great great asset to me and a gift to support what I stand for…such a beautiful and brilliant piece of work.

Lynn Twist, author, The Soul of Money

I opened the package with your book in it 30 minutes ago, and haven’t stopped reading….What a wonderfully big little book!

Charles Feltman, author, The Thin Book of Trust

With YinCompleting the Leadership Journey, I am reminded why I love Lisa Marshall’s voice. She Speaks the Truth and Points to Hope!

… in the first chapter of yin, Lisa captures the experiences coming as a result of the ‘stories’ humans have held in their unconscious state. We are seeing the truth. We have lived in agendas of greed, disconnect, never enough. These are the destructive systems that were normalized and accepted before the lock-downs of the past few years stopped us all in our tracks.

Even more important, in my view, is her Point to Hope. This is the time for cultures, systems, and forms that bring benefit to all life to be brought into existence. This is the time for creative geniuses of invention, problem solving, compassionate weaving, balance, and beauty. There are multitudes of individuals who have been prepared for this time: to lead ourselves, our families, our communities, countries, and world into what was impossible under the ‘normalized’ culture of discounting, domination, and destructive use. To complete the leadership journey of creating a totally new world!

Bravo on distilling a beautiful volume!
Srinija Srinivasan, 5th employee and former VP at Yahoo, co-founder, Loove, a start-up supporting a sustainable model for producing, presenting, and distributing music
Yin is a part book, part journal/workbook and I really appreciate how in-depth we can get with each of the short chapters. Furthermore, although the chapters are short – often just a few pages – they encompass a vast amount of material and topics….I think readers who are looking to tap into a collective energy to heal and help the world will especially find chapter 12 helpful where Marshall dives into everything from utilizing new language and new actions within the collective, all the way to economy, the arts, facing racism, and leadership.
…there isn’t a focus on “masculinity vs femininity” within this book either. Yang and Yin have domains that they move within, and the chart in the Appendix really drives this point home. … I really appreciate the ebb and flow of energy with what each “side” has relationship with.  I feel that this book will be helpful for those who are trying to find themselves and what matters most to them while we’re still in an ongoing pandemic, and trying to find a “normal” in these abnormal times.
Autumn, Triquetra Reviews

While technology is changing–and amping up the speed of change–human nature is not moving nearly as fast. When we bring wisdom, and not just knowledge, to the game we all play a better game. Lisa Marshall’s book Yin, Completing the Leadership Journey takes a deep look at what that wisdom can look, sound and feel like. Her observation that we are in desperate need of balance, and that elders who understand Yin as well as Yang is crucial to that rebalancing, and strikes a chord for me. Her message is work well worth exploring.

Chip Conley, Founder, Modern Elder Academy