What Is Yin?

In ancient China, Yin was the feminine principal, standing for receptivity and the ability to move with what is, not what we wish were.  Broadly speaking, Yang is active and external, Yin is receptive and internal. Yin is quiet, incremental, and irresistible, much like the natural forces of wind and water.  To me, it is not so much masculine or feminine as it is the missing element, the unobvious, fertile interior worlds, forms of darkness that we ignore at our peril.  Here are some examples of processes I consider to be deeply Yin:

  • Healing
  • Sleep
  • Learning
  • Grieving
  • Forgiveness
  • Jazz
  • Anger
  • Love

Without Yin, there is no balance in the world.  We must learn to honor Yin to find our voices and restore the planet.  Yin, Completing the Leadership Journey, is a book, a guided reflective journey, and a workbook designed to help you reach that end.